Six Home Design Trends Buyers Love

Six Home Design Trends Buyers Love

Add instant value to your property by renovating your home before sale. Renovations can be as substantial as ripping out and replacing the bathroom and kitchen, or simple, cost effective solutions to increasing your home’s value. According to a survey conducted by JBREC and DesignLens, buyers put interior design first in their priorities above location and house size. So we’ve compiled these design tips will help you know what buyers are after when renovating your home.

1. Organic tones

Our high tech world has gone full circle, with design trends taking a turn back towards organic feels. These include natural materials and surfaces like timber boards on walls and polished timber benchtops. Organic tones can also be used in paints to evoke a calmative, serene atmosphere in a house that buyers would love to come home to.

2. Simple modern

This classic design trend is not dead yet. It involves crisp white paint jobs that create space and allow for simplicity in design. The simple modern look involves nothing too fancy, just a clean practical design that will stand the test of time. Get this look with sleek and streamlined furnishings and natural lighting.

3. Colour pops

Colour pops are still a simple way of bringing life to a space. Introduce splashed of colour while renovating with feature walls or by highlighting frames, support beams and cabinets. The idea of a colour pop is to create contrasts between warm and cool, soft and bright. Alternatively, you may like introduce splashes of exciting colour through your furniture during home opens. This will stimulate your buyer’s imagination, allowing them to imagine what can be done with the space.

4. Textured materials

Similar to colour pops, textured materials are being used to create a new kind of contrast within interior design. Textured materials include terracotta flooring,mosaic tiling, and even cork feature walls. Textured surfaces will introduce a quirky, memorable element into your home.

5. Private home layouts

The days of open plan living are coming to an end. Let’s face it, having smells from the kitchen waft into the living room and study, can be somewhat distracting. And with sounds travelling easily through the house, the acoustics can be chaotic. Private home layouts are now preferred by home buyers, so don’t go removing walls between rooms.

6. Practical designs

As much as buyers love interesting, high-end design, they will always prefer practicality over style. The happy medium is of course, practicality combined with style. When renovating, don’t replace a practical kitchen and bathroom for one that looks slicker but has fewer practical features.

Dean Blankfield

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