Need-to-know tips to getting the best price on your home

Need-to-know tips to getting the best price on your home

The Australian property market is not always favourable towards sellers. It can be hard to sell a good house, and even harder to get a good price. But getting the best price on your home is not as simple as letting your real estate agent handle sales. With the right tips, you can get an even better price on your home. Read on to get our expert advice.

Reach a wide audience

One of the most important ways to get a great price on your home is by getting the word out there far and wide. This means investing in a comprehensive marketing package. Your marketing package should include the standard items like professional photoshoot, signboard, neighbourhood letter drop, and ads on major sites and social media. However, the better your marketing package, the more people you’ll reach, through additional add-ons like social media targeted campaigns and local paper adverts. Your real estate agent or property guide should also do a door knock around your neighbourhood to garner interest where it matters most.

Get high-tech

Investing in high-tech marketing has also been shown to increase your prospects of selling your home. These valuable marketing tools include interactive floor plans, 3D virtual tours and twilight photo shoots. These days most property searches begin on line, and browsers often don’t progress past the digital advert. With better-looking marketing material presenting your home online, you’ll gather more interest, faster.

Agents matter

Real estate agents do a hard job, and a good one will do this job well. Don’t let your real estate agent waste time by fielding time-consuming questions from your buyers and spending weeks twiddling their thumbs during home opens. As an alternative to an agent, a property guide can spend less time doing these time-consuming errands and spend the bulk of their time doing what matters most: chasing hot leads and negotiating the best price on your home. Read more about how to avoid the wrong agent.

Follow leads

Don’t wait until your leads have cooled. The best way to get a good price on your home is by chasing those leads while they’re hot. This is impossible to do during standard real estate processes where your agent has to wait several weeks through home opens before following up on the interested parties (they will have cooled by then). To get onto leads while they’re keen, you need a property guide who is dedicated to chasing leads and negotiating prices, allowing you handle the simple tasks like showing potential buyers through your home.

Speed it up

You don’t want your house sitting on the market for months on end. In fact, you’re more likely to get a better price on your home if you sell fast. Properties tend to take a long time to sell when the seller has decided to go it on their own, without an agent, to save on commissions. While there will be savings through this method, the seller lacks the skills of a real estate agents and the result is a house that sits on the market for a long time and sells for a lower price. By moving the process along quicker, you’re showing buyers that you mean business.

Know your market

You’ll never get a good price on your property without knowing your market. This is where a trained and qualified property guide comes in to save the day. These experts will know whether it’s a good time to sell and who exactly you want to market to. They’ll know what similar houses in your area are going for and which demographics you want to target during your sales process. Don’t let hermetic market knowledge prevent you from getting the best price on your home.

Dean Blankfield

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