How to sell your house fast by making it energy efficient

How to sell your house fast by making it energy efficient

Making your home energy efficient will garner more interest in your property, increase the competition and help you sell your house fast. In today’s property market, buyers are looking for energy efficient  homes, not just for the environmental benefits, but because it saves them hundreds of dollars each year on energy bills. As a seller, the higher the star rating of your home, the more money you’re going to get for it.  In fact, according to a government study, an 8-star energy efficient home adds nearly 4% to your home’s value! Improving the energy efficiency of your older property will also give you a competitive edge against newer homes with high star ratings. Here’s how to sell your house fast by making it more sustainable.

Create shade

Ideally, your house would be situated on the property so that its windows are not receiving direct light from east and west. However, many established properties do not have this kind of structure. You can improve energy efficiency of your home, by reducing the need for heating and cooling through strategically planted trees. You should aim to increase the amount of light coming into the house in winter, but minimise hot light coming through windows in summer. South facing windows tend to get a lot of direct sunlight in summer, so planting evergreen trees in front of them will make a huge difference. North, east and west-facing windows could benefit from deciduous trees, which will grow bushy in summer and shield from the sun, but lose their foliage in winter to let more light come in.

Optimise appliances

If you have the budget to update your appliances, namely your air-conditioner, heater and dishwasher, you’ll increase the value of your home. However, an all-out replacement is not always necessary. What many people forget is that simply having appliances serviced will significantly improve their functionality, especially if done regularly. By getting your appliances serviced regularly in the lead up to the sale of your home, you’ll boost their lifespan and up the value of your property. A well-maintained heating or cooling system is a great asset to point out while conducting your own home inspections or selling without agents through services like Nesters.


If you want to know how to sell your house fast, another way is by improving the insulation. There are a number of ways you can do this. Commonly used insulation in Australia includes wool, reflective foil, loose fill and glass fibre batts. Depending on your budget, you may like to choose batts as they are made from a higher percentage of recycled materials. Even the simple installation of a whirly bird on the roof will help improve air-flow, pushing hot stagnant air out and letting cooler air in. Another way of maximising your home’s energy efficiency is by seeking out the drafts, sealing the gaps in ceilings and doors, or replacing windows with double glazed glass.

Look out for WELS

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) is a good guide to follow when renovating your home for sale. If you’re retrofitting or replacing showerheads, toilets or appliances like dishwashers, look for WELS star ratings when making your purchase. To give you an idea of the value this adds to your property, and the advantages perceived by your buyers, a showerhead of just 3 star-rating only uses about 7 litres of water per minute compared to an unrated showerhead which uses about 25 litres. With these small modifications to your property, you can increase its value and sell even faster.

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