Signed, Sealed, Offer Accepted – How to sell your house fast

Signed, Sealed, Offer Accepted – How to sell your house fast

Most people want to sell their home fast. But it can be a long process involving elusive real estate agents, drawn-out home opens and uncertain, blind waits through negotiations. The importance of selling fast is not just about saving yourself the hassle, it’s also about getting a better price. It may seem counter-intuitive, but leaving your home on the market for longer doesn’t help you get a better offer. Instead, buyers will know the house has been sitting there for a while, and either wonder what’s wrong with it or catch you when you’re desperate and buy for a lower price. So without further ado, here’s how to sell our house fast.

Don’t go it alone

Avoiding pricey agent commission fees is tempting. Especially with the influx of nifty websites that help you sell on your own. You pay a flat rate for a marketing package and do the rest by yourself. What many sellers don’t realise when they start this daring endeavour, is that unless they sell for a low price, their property will likely be sitting on the market for a long time. Without the knowledge of market conditions and the given area that your agent or property guide has, you cannot sell fast.

Get the word out

The better the marketing, the better your chances of selling. This is a simple but rather overlooked fact. A neighbourhood door knock, poster and online listing is not enough. Professional photography, home staging and social media advertising will ensure you reach a wider audience. If you want to go one step further to increase competition for your home, push up your price and sell faster, look towards high-tech marketing options. Things like interactive floor plans and 3D virtual tours really show off what your house has to offer. The amount of money, effort and attention to detail you invest into your marketing package, the faster you will sell.

Ask right

When asking yourself how to sell your house fast, the key is often asking the right price. Setting the price too high is the most obvious danger, because your home will garner little interest and stay on the market indefinitely. On the other hand, pricing your home too low is not advantageous to you, and buyers will avoid it, mistakenly thinking the layout is bad or it hasn’t passed inspections. However, pricing your home slightly lower than your desired figure could be beneficial, because the competitive price will call a lot of interested buyers into the fray. This could start a bidding war or fire up negotiations, and help you to sell your house faster.

Be prepared

While most people want to sell fast, nobody really expects to. But the reality is, if you’ve followed all the above steps correctly — advertised your property well, recruited an expert to help you sell and set the right asking  price — your best offer could come sooner than you think. You need to be prepared to settle on short notice, because you can’t assume that your buyers will be willing to wait around.  You never know when your best offer will come. Being prepared is the last step for how to sell your house fast.

Dean Blankfield

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