Clever home staging tips to sell your home even faster

Unexpected tips to staging your home for sale

As soon as your home goes up for sale, you’re going to have to set it up so that it entices buyers to buy. It’s not just about making the place neat and presentable, as you would for a dinner party, the trick is to invite your buyers to imagine what they could do with the place. The aim is to make them fall in love, and fight and claw their way over competition to win ownership  of your house. Nesters suggests the following clever collection of tricks on how to stage your home for sale adding value to your home.

Ignore the obvious

Traditionally, people have recommended renovating the kitchen and bathroom before selling. This is bad advice for two reasons. Firstly, it’s expensive and doesn’t add enough value to your property to be worthwhile. And secondly, these are parts of the house that new buyers love to personalise i.e. renovate themselves. Instead, freshen up the paint job, especially in the common areas and the front of the house. If even this is too pricey, simply repaint window and door frames.

Make things shiny

When was the last time you got your windows cleaned? No, we mean, professionally. You’ll see your windows like you’ve never seen them before, shining with a new brilliance and making your home look at least a decade younger. That’s the benefit a little make over can do.

Take the lights out

This simple strategy works unbelievable well to freshen up and revitalise your home. It makes the place look newer, and freshly painted, even if you haven’t put brush to wall in years. What you do is remove your old light switches and wall sockets and replace them with new ones. This gets rid of the paint on the edges and the grey grimy look that accompanies them.


Part of the decluttering process is physical, and part of it is mental. You want to declutter the space of your personal items. This means you want to remove all photos of the family, holiday momentoes and inherited items. Keep in mind that people want to make your place their own, so declutter accordingly.

Ditch all non-essentials

A lot of real estate agents and advice blogs will recommend decluttering. But what they don’t tell you is just how much. It’s not just removing the junk from the spare room and picking your kids’ toys up off the floor, it involves herding the pets into the car for a short vacation and removing all items from surfaces.

Soften up

Soft furnishings are known among real estate professionals to distract the eye from minor imperfections in your house. Put a new clean rug over old, worn carpet and place fresh bright pillows over discolouration on the couch. Soft furnishings can do wonders to show your home off to buyers.

Light landscaping

You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to add instant appeal to your property. A long-untended lawn can make your place look abandoned and put buyers off before they’ve even entered. A simple hedge and lawn trim will make your place look loved again.

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