How to prepare your home for inspections

How to prepare your home for inspections

Give buyers a first impression that lasts by giving your home a bit of love prior to inspections.

It’s the simple things that go a long way towards presenting a home that is safe and comfortable to live in. The following techniques will help you create a place your buyers will fall in love with. Here’s how to prepare your home for inspections.

  1. Cleaning

Cleaning your place before buyers arrive may sound obvious, but the key is to get the job professionally done. For a small investment, professional cleaners will have a dramatic effect on your property that you just can’t do yourself. Their commercial grade products are powerful enough to remove tile grout and hazardous moulds, which household cleaners lack the oomph to remove. A professional clean will not go unnoticed by the buyer’s discerning eye, and it can even add value to the property.

  1. Landscaping

Landscaping is often overlooked but it can contribute up to 20% of your home’s total value. Investing in landscaping may be something you’d like to do before sale to boost the market value of your home, but if not, a DIY backyard makeover won’t go astray. This is part of the first impressions we talked about earlier. Your buyers will notice the yard first and you don’t want to give them an impression of a lonely and destitute place. Simple things like cutting the lawn and trimming the hedges will make your home more attractive during inspections.

  1. Decluttering

You’ve been living in your place for quite some time, and during that time a lot of old stuff has faded into the scenery. When preparing your home for inspection you’ll need to look at your property from the buyers point of view, and that means having a keen eye for clutter. Remove piles of newspapers, hoarded junk at the side of the house, and even take a peek into those spare rooms and garages to declutter the place. Your property will instantly brighten, become more spacious and more enticing to potential buyers.

  1. Creating ambiance

As soon as they enter the house, your buyers will get a vital glimpse of what it’s like to live in your property through the atmosphere. Atmosphere consists of both ambient temperature and odours. You’ll want to start by airing out the house several hours before inspection takes place, and then use subtle incense or air freshener to create a pleasant vibe. In extreme weather, turn on the heating or cooling to make the house instantly comfortable. Odours and temperature are not just cosmetic, they signify how healthy your property is to live in, so you’ll want to create the best impression possible.

  1. Adding the finishing touches

Your house may be in imperfect condition, that’s okay, you can still get a good price. A lot of buyers will accept minor flaws in the house, especially when they see it dressed up and looking homey. This is where the finishing touches come into play. Straighten picture frames and artwork on the walls, centre furniture and flower displays, and leave the toilet seat down. You’ll also want to reduce chaos in the home by turning off electronic devices such as TVs, computers  and put mobiles on silent. And finally, remember to turn on all your lights. Congratulations, you house is ready for inspection.

For more information on getting your home ready for inspection, download the Nesters full guide to Hosting Your Home Inspections.

Dean Blankfield

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