How to avoid the wrong real estate agent when selling your home

How to avoid the wrong real estate agent when selling your home

Real estate agents do a hard job, which is why it’s so hard to sell your own home. And while a good estate agent does this difficult job properly, sadly there are too many estate agents out there who don’t. These are agents who will charge you huge commission fees, upwards of 2.5% of your home’s value, only to keep you in the dark while they avoid your calls, fail to catch hot leads, and end up getting you a price that could have been better. Dodgy real estate agents are a dime a dozen, so here we’re presenting some ways to avoid them.

Private property sales

One of the main hesitations to selling property is the cost involved. As a result, more people are now looking for ways to avoid commissions, and the obvious option is by selling privately. If you’re wondering how to sell your home privately, you’re looking at taking on the job of a real estate agent with all the marketing, chasing leads, and negotiating that’s involved. More often than not, you won’t have these skills, meaning you’ll either wait a long time to sell your home, or else sell for a lower price. Selling your home on your own may be a good choice if time is on your side, otherwise, it may not be a viable alternative to a real estate agent. There are now many websites which help you sell without agents, offering marketing packages at a flat rate while you handle the rest.

Research your agent

A dodgy agent will not just fail to get you the best price, they also risk putting off prospective buyers with their failure to communicate, or alternatively, their pushiness. Try to find the real estate agent who sells the most properties in your area. You can do this by looking at property listings in your suburb and finding the dominant agents. You’ll then want to dig a bit further, ask specific agents how many houses they’ve sold recently and ask to speak to their former clients. Avoid agents with clients who are less than satisfied, as they aren’t likely to do a better job for you.

Try a real estate app

New to the real estate scene, the Nesters app is your alternative both to a traditional agent and the perilous mission to sell without agents. Nesters is a platform that enables you to sell for a much lower commission rate and while providing all the vital support that agents provide. Through the Nesters app, you’re given control of the process of selling your home, and hooked up with a local property professional, an expert negotiator who is dedicated to getting the best price on your home. Your property guide leaves the small administrative tasks to you and the app (while always being on hand to help out of course), freeing up their time to focus on what counts: like following leads and making sales. That means you sell your home for the best price every time.

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