Three ways to sell without agents

Three ways to sell without agents

While the rest of the English speaking world has taken the leap to sell without agents, Australians are still selling the traditional way. While in the UK and America, approximately 20% of sellers go it alone, in Australia that number is under 2%. It’s no surprise that Aussie sellers are hesitant – real estate agents perform the difficult job of chasing leads and negotiating prices, and without them you could get less than market value on your home, or fail to sell at all. However, Australians are now looking for new ways of selling without agents. Read on to discover three different ways.

Sell your home privately

When people think of the option to sell without agents, they usually think of private real estate sales. This is where the vendor does everything that an agent would normally do. Sellers advertise their property themselves, get signboards and listings created, and manage all the interest that comes in. Usually, it’s hard to reach as broad an audience as real estate agents do, because they have years worth of networks and connections in the industry. Unsurprisingly, selling property privately is best suited to vendors who aren’t in a hurry to sell.

Use a sell-it-yourself website

Following on from movements in America and England where nearly 20% of vendors sell their own homes, Australians are now experimenting with sell-it-yourself websites. These sites offer a single service: flat-rate marketing packages that include signboards, letter drops, online listings on major sites, and more. The vendor then does the rest of the work on their own, following up on interested buyers, conducting their own home opens, and negotiating their own price. While they promise a lot of savings, sell-it-yourself sites generate mixed results.

Choose untraditional agents

The third option falls somewhere between the way of selling real estate through agents, and the new alternatives that sell without agents. Apps like Nesters pair you with untraditional real estate agents who do all the hard tasks like negotiating prices and organising paperwork. The app then guides you through doing the easy things yourself, like home opens, and addressing buyer questions. Technologies like Nesters offer the best of both worlds because you get traditional support with untraditional prices, and the end result is huge savings on commissions  while getting the best possible price.

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