Welcome to Nesters

Welcome to Nesters

Nesters launch in Perth

Nesters all began with a group of real estate professionals who had a problem with how the industry works. They realised that more people would sell their homes if agent commissions weren’t so high, and they also felt there had to be a better way than waiting through weeks of uncertainty while the agent mysteriously handles it all. They went away and thought hard about a solution, and they came back with Nesters.

How does Nesters work?

Nesters partner with you to sell your home more efficiently. We give you the guidance to do things like tour potential buyers around your home and answer their questions, while we take care of the hard parts that only professionals can do: chasing hot leads and negotiating prices. Not only do you save on commissions but you get the best price because staff spend more time negotiating and less time doing things you could have done yourself.

How to use the Nesters app

The Nesters app is just one feature of our real estate platform. It’s there to guide you through the process from start to finish, and keep you updated every step of the way. You start by creating a listing (just to get the ball rolling) and we finish it up with a professional marketing package of your choice. You then get to see exactly who is interested in your property and either ask questions directly or get your property guide to step in and help you out. Finally, the app makes our process more transparent than a traditional agent, who can sometimes keep you in the dark the whole way. With our app you see every hot lead and every offer made on your home, and you even have the option of taking charge to negotiate yourself – although we do recommend leaving that to our professionals.

Why choose Nesters to sell or buy your home?

Aside from the huge savings on commissions, and the benefit of getting a better price on your home, Nesters makes the process of selling property simpler, faster and smoother. Another reason to choose Nesters to sell is that you only pay our low commission when your property actually sells. But why choose to buy through the Nesters app? You get much of the same benefits as sellers, with a streamlined process that cuts out the need to chase up and wait for agents. With the use of our app and the help of our support team, you can make offers as quickly as you like and get your questions answered by sellers directly.

We could go on about the advantages of using Nesters, but why don’t you try us for yourself?
We’ve just launched in Perth and soon we’ll be Australia-wide.

Dean Blankfield

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