Top 5 Ways to Save Money When Selling your Home

Top 5 Ways to Save Money When Selling your Home

With real estate fees and the price of property soaring upwards, selling your home is an expensive endeavor. You have to pay the marketing expenses and you have to pay the agent commissions which cost anywhere between 2.5% and 7%. Today, more people are looking for ways to save money with the main alternative being to sell your own home. Perth sellers need a cheaper way to sell property. Here we’ll explore some ways to save money when selling your home.

1. Sell without agents

One way to save money while selling your home is to go it alone. Without a real estate agent you can attempt selling your home privately with little or no assistance.

Today, there are many websites offering flat rate marketing packages which are quite affordable, allowing you to do the rest yourself, including conducting home opens, negotiating and organising the paperwork.

The decision to sell your own home is notoriously difficult, as many people don’t have the skills and market knowledge to perform the duties of a real estate agent and get a good price for the home. However if you’re happy to wait a long time to sell your home privately, the no commission real estate option may suit you.

2. Be direct

The reason why agents charge so much for selling property is because they’re burdened by so much work. As an alternative to a high commission agent, you could opt for a platform that offers you all the benefits of a real estate agent – their marketing and negotiation skills – that saves money by letting you handle the easy tasks.

Usually, buyers and sellers must ask questions through real estate agents, which takes up the agent’s valuable time. But through a platform like Nesters you can answer buyer questions directly, saving your property guide time, and saving you money.

3. Roll your sleeves up

Another time-consuming and costly part of the typical real estate process is the home open. This part can drag on for weeks, which not only costs you, but is an impractical hurdle that allows hot leads to go cold.

However, by showing interested buyers through your home by yourself, you’re dealing mostly with seriously interested parties, and you can chase these leads while they’re hot. After all, you know your property better than your agent does, and you can show people in in your own time.

With Nesters, you conduct your own house inspections while your property guide focuses on keeping tabs on your leads, jumping on them when they’re hot, and negotiating the best price out of them.

4. Get more bang for your buck

So far we’ve talked about alternatives to traditional real estate like the option to sell your own home, but with the introduction of platforms like Nesters, we now have low commission real estate. The lower your commission rate, the more money you save.

If your real estate agent is as committed to selling property as the Nesters property guides are, they’ll sell your home for a higher price and give you more bang for your buck.

This also comes as an advantage of choosing commission-based property services over flat-rate services; with the former, your property guide is motivated to sell for the best price.

5. Use technology

It’s a mystery why the world of high-tech gadgets has taken so long to reach the real estate industry. Selling your home is easier, cheaper and more profitable through platforms such as the Nesters application. It saves money on overheads, and these savings are transferred onto you through low commissions.

Best of all, the application makes the process transparent. You can always see where your property guide is at in the sales process, and you can always connect directly with buyers and your property guide, saving you from chasing elusive real estate agents.

Dean Blankfield

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