What we wish we knew when we sold

What we wish we knew when we sold

What do former-home sellers wish they knew when they were in your shoes? There’s nothing like getting some advice from the people in the know. Over years of dealing in the Perth real estate market, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from sellers on their personal journey through the sales process. And from that wealth of experience we’ve created this list of bonafide tips for selling your house. So without further ado, here’s what sellers wish they knew when they sold.

Be realistic

The first step to selling your home successfully is having a realistic price in mind. And no, we don’t mean lowering your dream figure. We mean doing the research to set your asking price more intelligently. Start by getting an official bank valuation. This is different to an appraisal which is just an estimate of your home’s value. Keep your eyes peeled to listings and sales of similar properties in your area to find out what they’re going for. Anything sold within the last six months should give you a good idea. Finally, be sure to get a presale inspection for older homes to check for undetected things like structural or pest damage, which will ultimately lower the value of your home. After these three steps, you’re ready to set a realistic price for your home.

Choose carefully

Next in line for our house selling tips is the important consideration of how, and with whom, to sell your home. If you want to sell the traditional way, and are willing to fork out a large commission, choose a real estate agent. If you have more time on your hands and want to save on commissions, you could try selling without an agent. Finally, if you want to sell even faster, and want to save on real estate commission fees, you could choose an app like Nesters. The number one point of advice to consider when choosing between agents and property guides is to research plenty of options. Choose someone who’s spent a lot of time in your area and knows it well, and avoid lofty promises or flagrant disinterest.

Be presentable

What many sellers don’t realise is that presentation counts… much more than you might think. The photographs of your property — even the writing on your ads — make a huge difference when they’re professional and engaging. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of pro-photography and pro-home staging. The presentation of your home doesn’t end at the marketing stage. Attention to detail is key during the entire period you are selling your home. During home opens, you want to de-clutter as much as possible, even down to removing all knick knacks and personal items sitting on surfaces. Spare no effort to making your home look pristine.

Face the crowd

When it comes to tips for selling your house, attention to the front of the house is most overlooked. While selling your property, you want to give your front facade and garden a bit of care. People will see your ad or hear about the ‘house for sale’ and drive past your property. If it’s looking shabby, they won’t give it another glance. The front of your house gives a first impression that lasts, so leave people curious as to what’s inside. Freshening up the facade is relatively inexpensive and adds comparably-greater value to your home. After all, the front of your house is what your whole community sees and represents so much about you, it’s no wonder why it’s so important.

Dean Blankfield

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